Tuesday, September 27, 2011

8 Months

My little man is 8 months old.  And on the move!  He actually started crawling about 2 days after his 8 month birthday, but whatever.  Annnnd a couple days later, he started clapping!  Which I love.  He was already slapping his legs when we would say, "Yayyyyy!"  But now he is actually clapping his hands when we say "Yay!"... or for no reason at all.  He has had his first runny nose this week, which means I have a fussy baby, which I am not used to.  I have become accustomed to a sweet and easy baby, so this little cold/tooth whatever, has had this house in an uproar.  I will be happy when my sweet perfect baby is back!
Pictures were rather difficult this month.  First of all he did not want to be still and second of all, he hates the sticker on his shirt.  But I still got a few cute ones to share!
He wants to pull up so bad...but he hasn't quite figured that out...

I have heard him make the sound "ma ma" twice, but Cameron says I am crazy.  Right now we are working on waving bye-bye (which is so much easier than teaching somebody to right their name, by the way.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You'll remember that I recently wrote about Tucker's impending high school graduation.  To which my sister replied: "chill out you have 13 years to go."  Thirteen years of homework, which stresses me out to even think about.  It has kind of begun this year, we have something to do together each week.  Which is fun for me, but my child already hates homework.  I thought surely that Cameron or Pappaw had made a comment about homework, but they both say they have not, so how do children know in preschool to hate homework?!

The first week we had to make a face that looks like Tucker.  We put yellow hair on him and a super hero mask.  The super hero mask totally being Tucker's idea, I know, we were all shocked about that one.  (I don't have a picture of the super hero face! Sad)

The second week of school we had to fill-in an "About Me" poster.  He had to answer questions like: Favorite Food- Popsicles; What I want to be when I grow up- Super Hero; My friends are: Dylan, Joe, Trayton, Brexton, Morrisa, Karsyn, Talon, Thatcher, and Britton; My favorite colors are: Red and Blue (Captain America, of course)

...see how happy Tucker is to be working on his "homework?!"
He got the "Super Star" student sticker this particular day because he was the teacher's helper.  He absolutely LOVES to be the teacher's helper and is devastated every day that he is not the teacher's helper.  We have discussed the fact that every one has to have their turn, but he is not interested in every one else.

Now, thankfully, he does have aspirations to be things other than super heroes.  He wants to be a scientist and discover things or learn about sharks and alligators.  But he did ask me if I would go ahead and find him a Captain America or Thor costume in a grown up size so he can be that when he is big (Lord help me).

Next, they were learning about the letter "O," so we had to look around the house for things that are oval shaped and draw pictures of them.  

Most recently they were learning about apples and the letter, "A."  So last Friday they were supposed to bring an "apple snack."  I decided on these apple cupcakes which turned out really cute and Tucker was really proud of them... which is all that matters!

Of course he doesn't mind the "homework" that involves licking the spoon.  
Since the beginning of the school year we have been working on writing his name.  He knows how to spell it, but writing it has been a challenge.  I will post some pictures of his name-writing practice soon.  Hopefully it won't always be such a challenge to get him to do homework, but I'm not getting my hopes up!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Quick Photo Session

Before Cousin Karysn's birthday party a couple Fridays ago, we went to the backyard to take few pictures.
I had to share a few of my favorites...
Please note that Mr. Photo-be-genic is trying to make sure that Talon's head is posed just right.
This next picture with the cat goes on my list of all-time favorite pictures of Tucker.  This is so his personality.  I am sure he was terrorizing Batman (the cat), but nonetheless, I love the picture.

And then this one shows us how "over it" Tucker was.

That sweet baby is now 8 months old!  So I will be doing his 8 month post soon.  I am a little behind!

A Party Pooper Named Lee

We took our last trip to the beach of the summer Labor Day weekend... and we had high hopes for all the sun we would soak up one last time, hours of playing in the pool, babies sleeping on the beach... but none of that happened thanks to Tropical Storm Lee.  My cousins, their baby boys and husbands, my Aunt and Uncle, my dad, my boys and husband all met at Perdido Key for our first trip with ALL the boys!

Thankfully it was the opening weekend of college football, so we had fun Saturday pretending like we liked each other's teams for a day. ;)  But let me just say that it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED.
The rain didn't slow these two down.  They played together so well... and were best buds by the end of the weekend... until those tigers play the tide. :)

We ventured to the beach Sunday morning because we really wanted to take pictures of the boys, but the wind was blowing so hard it was blowing the sand on us, which did not feel good.  I got one picture and then my camera fogged up.

This picture does not do the height of those waves justice.
We finally got everyone together for pictures Sunday night.  The photo session was pretty chaotic, as you can imagine, but we got some cute pictures, anyway!
We grew up in a family of 10 grandchildren...7 of them being girls... so all of us having boys is a crazy adventure, but a fun one!  I know it is fun for our dads that have spent the last 25 years or more surrounded by girls!  I hope these boys get the chance to grow up together and be good friends even though they live so far from each other.