Monday, December 20, 2010

First Christmas Program

Tucker had his first little Christmas program last Thursday.  We were super nervous about how he would act onstage- would he cry for us? would he just stand there with his arms crossed and a mad face?- we didn't know.  But I have to say, we really didn't think he would get up there and knock it out of the park...which is EXACTLY what he did!!  This was my first time to be a proud Momma, and I so was!  I totally teared up when he came out, he was scanning the audience for us because he was so proud and wanted to see how proud we were.  Once he found us he would wave every couple of minutes.  He sang every song and stood right in his place the whole time.  His favorite songs they sang were "We Three Kings" and "O Come Let Us Adore Him."  LeLe, Paw, and Granny were so sweet to come watch him.  And so were Uncle Brett, Trayton, and Brexton.  They are such sweet cousins and told Tucker how proud they were.  My pictures kind of stink, but better than nothing!
This is when they first came out. They are standing around Baby Jesus with their little candles.

The proud little boy with his hands in his pockets.

Singin' his little heart out!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit with Santa

Last year's visit with Santa was pretty much a disaster...Momma had to sit with Tucker to take the picture. So there was some bribery today before we went to see Santa and I was really hoping it would turn out better than last year!
Waving "Hi" to Santa...

Excited!  So far so good...

I wish I had a picture of me dragging him up to Santa.  Once LeLe sat down and introduced the two of them, however, Tucker loosened up and eventually took a cute picture on Santa's lap!  He told Santa that he wants a Marshmallow bow and arrow (I think he means a gun that shoots marshmallows) and a Batman.  He also told Santa that the scratch on his face was from a "fight with a wolf."  (He actually got it while playing with a puppy, but he and his Daddy thought wolf or bobcat was much cooler). I will scan in the Santa picture and add it to this post when I have a chance.  Only 9 days until Christmas!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Deer Hunting Trip

He refused to let me take a picture.  He's holding his little hunting bag with his gloves and tabogon in it.  He was so proud!
Tucker and Daddy went on their first deer hunting trip a couple days after Thanksgiving.  It was kind of a warm day, so Cameron thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take him.  Cameron said he did really well, he was quiet the whole time (playing on Daddy's iPhone helped as well as Skittles).  But unfortunately they didn't see any deer! 

O Christmas Tree

We went to get our Christmas Tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which is much earlier than usual for us.  I like to wait until after Tucker's birthday usually, but this year I am trying to get everything done a little earlier than usual since I will be 9 months pregnant when Christmas gets here!  Anyway, I thought Tucker would be really excited to help us pick out a tree, but he was much more excited to ride the cart around the store.  Why are kids never excited when you want them to be?!  So Cameron and I picked out the tree and it turned out to be a beautiful one.

He did enjoy looking at all of the ornaments and helping hang them.  Even though he found one branch and hung all of his favorites on that branch.  This is definitely my favorite Christmas with him so far.  He gets SO excited about Christmas lights and decorations.  And wants to talk about what we will do for Christmas all the time.  Having a child brings a whole new fun-ness to Christmas!

I will post pictures of the finished tree later.  Christmas trees are so difficult to photograph.  They never look as beautiful in pictures as you think they are!  Our decorations around here are minimal this year because Momma doesn't want to have to put it all up before the baby comes!  But I think we have enough for Tucker to still think it's wonderful.