Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Super late on the 11 month post. December was such a busy month, I don't remember most of it. Through all of the madness, our baby boy turned 11 months old! We are now planning a Winter ONE-derland first birthday party. I know it's so cliche, but I can't believe he is almost one. This year has flown by.
Talon is still not walking, but does stand on his own. He likes to throw his hands up and smile really big and we all yell, "touchdown!" He has recently started saying, "Tuh" for Tucker.

I love this's so much fun to learn more about his personality and what kind of little boy he will be :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Little Mountain Adventure

We set on Friday morning, November 19, for a weekend in the mountains.  Our first stop was Ruby Falls in Chattanooga.  Considering I am really afraid of enclosed spaces, going 1100 feet underground was not exactly my idea of a good time.  But the waterfall was beautiful and Tucker enjoyed it, so it was worth it.

There were some pretty neat formations down there.  It is so amazing to think of all the things that God created that we don't even know exist!  I mean this place is as far underground as the Empire State Building is tall!

I was so excited to get a family picture!  Even though Talon is never looking at the camera and cave air is not good for my hair.

Look who fell asleep on the way out of the cave... once he saw the waterfall he was over it!

We walked up to the lookout tower after our tour.  We learned that Tucker is afraid of heights. (not sure where he gets that? Ahem...Pappaw?)

Then we went to our cabin in Blue Ridge, GA.  It was way back in the woods and had a beautiful view of the mountains.  Daddy kept a fire going in the fireplace and the boys loved to help.

Another family picture!  This one would be super cute if you know who was looking at the camera.

Talon loved playing outside.

Tucker's toy was a ninja set... not very "mountain-like," but he absolutely loves it, so who cares.

We spotted this gorilla Friday on our way in, so Tucker wanted to stop on our way out and take a picture with him.  It was hilarious because he was so scared to walk up to it... he seriously thought it was going to jump out and get him.

We had such a fun time and didn't even really do anything except shop and eat!  We got to watch a few good late night football games, too.  It was a much needed relaxing weekend!

Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Months

Baby boy is double digits!  And it totally snuck up on pictures were not taken on his "actual" 10 month birthday (horrible, I know).

Somebody started waving bye bye, so cute!

He is crawling around super fast and pulls up and sits down very well.  He has also started holding on to the sofa and walking around it.

He is still IN LOVE with his Daddy.  Consequently, his first word was "da." If he hears Cameron come in the door he takes off as fast as he can.

He also loves to stand in the refrigerator.  If you open the door he will crawl over as quickly as possible and gets really mad when you shut the door.

He eats anything you put in his mouth, but he still has to eat pureed food.  I try to give him small bites of whatever we are eating, but he has choked a couple of times... most recently at McAllisters, which was pretty embarrassing.  He still loves his bottles.  We are trying the sippy cup and hopefully he will get the hang of it soon.

He is starting to fuss some when we leave the room and he hates it when we get in the shower!

He says something kind of like "ball" and "bye."  And of course, "da da da da."