Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He's Growing Up!

So, we have a couple new developments in the Tidmore house:
First of all, Tucker can now open doors on his own.  This is kind of a catch-22.  It's nice to not have to get up and open the door every time Tucker needs to go to the bathroom or play upstairs.  But it's not nice that Tucker can open the door to go outside or go in to a room that I don't want him to go in!!  I was afraid to take a shower this morning because I didn't know where he might run off to while I was in there.  Anyway, good or not, it is a new skill for my almost 4 year old!

The second development is a great one.  Tucker performed his first big chore for me this morning...he helped unload the dishwasher by putting away the silverware:
And I have to say that he did a great job!  He's been helping clean up toys and put his clothes in the laundry room for a while now, but this is an even bigger help!  Can't wait until he can unload ALL the dishes!!

I know neither of these things are really exciting, but one day it will be fun for me to look back and remember these times!  And I'm really so thankful that Tucker and I are having this time together before the new baby comes.

First time at CHOM!

Tucker and I made our first visit to CHOM last week and we had so much fun!  We went with Anna Riley and Miss Crystal and Audrey, Emma, Caroline and Miss Mandy (Tucker is such a ladies' man!).  I'm not sure which part was Tucker's favorite, but the first thing he told his Daddy about was the big boat. 

Of course he loved the farm area, but he wouldn't let us take a picture of him on the tractor.  Here he is playing the musical instruments:

And we couldn't really get Tucker to play dress-up, but Miss Anna Riley did!! So cute!!

Below is Tucker filling the car up with gas so he can take the girls on a date ;).

We had so much fun...we are loving our play dates with good friends!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Candy Theif

So my child has never been mischievous.  He's no saint...don't get me wrong!  But he's never been sneaky, he's like his momma, he can't tell a lie.  I never really had to "child proof" anything.  He's never gotten in my cabinets or really messed with anything that he knows he shouldn't mess with.  Well all that seems to have changed this week.  THREE times I have caught him sneaking candy!  The first time he got taffy out of our bedside table (my husband is a candy fanatic, so we almost always have candy somewhere in the house and a lot of times it is hidden so Cameron doesn't have to share).  I found him hiding beside our bed unwrapping taffy and shoving it in his mouth as quickly as he could.  It gets worse.  A couple of days ago we went shopping for Cameron's birthday and I bought him a few of his favorite snacks.  Well while I was in the shower Tucker found the Mentos on the kitchen counter and at all but about 5 of them before I got out of the shower!  Cameron thinks it's funny, but I don't!  It almost hurt my feelings that he would do that!  But I know this is just part of growing up...it's just all happening a little too fast for me!  We have started learning the "Golden Rule" (Treat others the way you want to be treated).  When I asked Tucker if he would want his daddy to eat his birthday candy he bursted in to tears.  Hahaha!  Hopefully he will learn this important lesson before new baby gets here!  I doubt it!

LeLe's Birthday

We got to take another ride on the Bama Belle for my mom's birthday.  The weather was more bearable this time so we spent a lot of time on the top deck outside.  We had a great time...Tucker's favorite thing about cruising down "Pappaw's Ribber" is throwing ice off the boat (boys!).  We had so much fun!  Thank you to Paw for taking us!
Totally despise pictures of myself right now, but my boys look so cute in this one I had to post it!

The Mean Alien

This picture totally cracks me up.  He is dressed up like an alien (the mean face is just because he did not want me to take his picture)!  Tucker can be pretty inventive when it comes to using household items as super hero swords or guns for hunting or whatever weapon he may need at the time.  But this time he went for plastic spoons as alien ears, pretty cute!

Friday, August 20, 2010

South in the City

My sister is starting a new blog!  It will primarily be about fashion (and all things cool because my sister is like the coolest person I know).  I am so proud of her and what she is doing so far away from home in a huge city...it is amazing to me.  She's like that really awesome Aunt that everybody wants to have.  If you know Alye, you know that she graduated from UA and moved to New York City to pursue her dreams in the fashion world, she currently works for Buffalo Jeans (Women) and lives in Brooklyn.  And she is SUPER talented when it comes to putting together an outfit.  She's always up on the latest trends and always has innovative ideas on fashion.  So when she's home we always have to go shopping so she can help me pick out an outfit for any upcoming event I have and when she's not home I'm texting her and sending her pictures of clothes asking, "Is this okay together?"  I told her I wasn't so sure about her sharing her secrets with everybody down here, but I guess it'll be okay!!  She'll probably kill me for announcing her new blog, but I am so excited for her because I think she will be wonderful at this whole blogging thing.  Love you, Sis!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MiMi's Retirement Party

Brexton, Morrisa, Tucker, Karsyn, Trayton, and Britton
Cameron's mom finally retired from her job as a middle school counselor.  To celebrate the whole family took a dinner cruise on the Bama Belle Tuesday night.  The kids loved it, of course.  The highlight of the evening for them was the duck that was swimming beside the boat!  I'm so excited that I got a pretty decent picture of all 6 of them!  This time next week we will have an addition to the group!  Traci's 4th baby boy will be here next Thursday!  Can't wait to meet him!

Big Boy...

I love this picture of Tucker talking on the phone to LeLe.  He looks like such a big boy (except for Bunny laying right beside him).  I absolutely can not believe that he will be 4 years old in December.  We're hoping he gets used to the idea of being a big brother...right now he wants to "throw the baby in the creek" when it gets here. haha :)