Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Graduate

Way back in May Tucker graduated from Chapel Hill Baptist Church Preschool.  It was a sad but proud day!  The first part of the program the kids were dressed patriotically.  Some of them were dressed up and had speaking parts.  Tucker was a soldier.
When it was his turn he walked up to the microphone and said, "I am an American Soldier.  I fight for our freedom."  He said it perfectly.  

After singing several patriotic songs, they changed in to their caps and gowns.

We were so glad that MiMi and Granddaddy and Pappaw were able to come to graduation.  Tucker and Talon are blessed with wonderful, loving grandparents on both sides.

I absolutely love this picture of Tucker and Pappaw.  That is Tucker's real smile, which we don't see very often when we take a picture of him and he is posing. ;)  He loves his Pappaw and he was so proud he was there.

I miss Chapel Hill!  I loved that little school and so did Tucker.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

a Big Day

Monday was a big day.

Talon felt like such a big boy because he had his own brand new backpack and lunchbox, too.  We were all standing in the kitchen and I was handing Tucker his stuff and telling him about his lunch (cheese and crackers, pb&j sandwich, juice box and mini oreos).  Before we knew it, Talon yanked his lunchbox off the table, threw it over his shoulder and headed out the door.  

I took Tucker to school first and he did just fine.  I, of course, had a pit in my stomach and tears in my eyes that were ready to pour out at any time...but I held it in!

He found his seat and started coloring his frog.  (Mrs. Malone's favorite colors are purple and green, and she loves frogs)

I am excited about his teacher, I think she is perfect for him.  I am so glad we did the Jumpstart program this summer, it made it so much easier to leave him there on the first day because I didn't feel like he was nervous and he kind of knew what to expect.  Of course when I got in my car I shed a couple tears.  I can't believe that little baby that came when I least expected is now in big school and I am the mom to a school boy.  The responsibilities feel even greater now, it's like it is now time to get serious about the person that this little man is going to become!  It's scary, but we have faith in The Great Instructor that is leading the way and know that with His help and with His help only, we can make this happen!

A Day at the Zoo

My sister-in-law Traci and I took 7 boys, yes I said 7, to the zoo a few weeks ago.  

Talon loves animals, so I was excited to see his reaction.  This first picture of him with the bird is the most precious thing ever.

They both enjoyed feeding the birds.  I happen to have a small ;) fear of birds, but these weren't too bad.

 We ended up not getting much of a reaction out of Talon, he just looked and pointed.  They both loved riding the train and the monkeys.

Let's Try This Again...

So I am going to try to start blogging again.  I don't know that I will actually "catch up," but I am going to try to keep it up to date from this point on.  Especially for our Pappaw, who moved away a few months ago. We miss him terribly and want him to be able to keep up with what we're doing and how the boys are growing and changing.  Also because Tucker started kindergarten this week and I really want to remember every thing about this time in our lives! So, hopefully I will do better, we shall see ;).......