Monday, August 22, 2011

7 Months

Talon turned 7 months old on August 14.  He weighs about 18 pounds!  He is eating baby food twice a day and so far I have not found anything that he does not like!  He eats an 8 ounce bottle 4 times a day.  Talon goes to sleep at about 8:00 and sleeps until 7:30 or so the next morning (blessed).  He is really trying to start crawling.  He sits up really well now, so if I put him on the floor and he sees a toy he wants he will flop right on to his stomach and rock back and forth trying to get to it.  Especially his big brother's toys!  He absolutely loves his daddy...he just lights up when Cameron walks in to the room, just like Tucker did.  We are loving our sweet baby boy that is always in a good mood!

We're not sure what's going to come of this hair!

He found the sticker for the first time and he really wanted it off!

Still no teeth!  A couple have tried to come through, but none showing yet!

One More Year...

Wednesday (August 10) was Tucker's first day of his last year in Preschool.  His K4 teacher is Mrs. Angie.  His friends from last year Dylan and Joe are in his class this year, so he is excited!  I am hoping Tucker learns lots this year before starting Kindergarten and I know he will.  

I can't believe he starts kindergarten next year...I know that before I know it he will be graduating from high school and it makes me so sad!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A couple weekends ago we met the Hollyhands in Fairhope.  We LOVE going to Fairhope.  It is such a good getaway that is not too far from home and with fun, sweet people.  When we arrived there were a few geese down by the water, so we went out to watch them. 

 Of course, my child runs out with one of his knives (not a real knife, obviously) and tries to scare the geese away.

Then they decided to go for a swim while Talon took a nap.  They fed the geese some bread.

After playing in the bay, Tucker and Anna Riley watched some Mickey Mouse.  He didn't realize that we were watching them sit was so cute while it lasted!

Saturday morning we went to the pool.  We had a great day playing in the water...of course, pool time with a 6 month old means no laying out for Momma and having to go home early.  So Crystal and I took the littles home and Cameron and Riley stayed at the pool with Tucker.

I took the boys outside to take a few pictures and I got a couple good ones, I love these sweet boys.

Such a gorgeous view!  Thank you so much Crystal and Riley for letting us tag along!  We had a great time as always.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dog days...

Okay, I'm all for summer fun, but it is SO hot.  We are doing our best to enjoy it, though.  Tucker only has one more week before he starts K4, so we will make the best of it!

Tucker took swimming lessons from Coach Anne earlier this summer and now is swimming so well, I am so proud!  This is a child who didn't like to get his face wet back in the spring.  He is even going to the bottom to get dive sticks!  He still needs a little help every now and then, especially when he can't touch the bottom.
When we get a little break from the blazing heat, we still like to go outside to play with sidewalk chalk (or eat it) and watch Tucker ride his four wheeler and bicycle.

And then, of course, Tucker likes to bring some of his animals outside and set up a zoo.  And then he likes for me to choose an animal and he chooses an animal and see whose animal kills the other.  It's a very wholesome sweet animal game.

But most afternoons are spent in the house.  Playing, practicing how to roll over...

...and watching movies.

We are having fun, but we are ready for football season!  Only a month away!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The (really long) beach post

Early Friday morning, July 8, we headed to Gulf Shores to meet LeLe and Paw, Aunt Alye and Olin, and some special friends from Louisiana.  We arrived by lunch time, so we had time to play a little bit on Friday afternoon.  Aunt Alye and Olin took Tucker down to the beach, but the water was really rough, so we all met up at the pool.  The next morning everybody came up to our condo for breakfast.  We had a little wedding shower for Johnna, who is getting married in September!  Tucker wanted to be a waiter and served LeLe some fruit...

Alye and I grew up with Jenni and Johnna, we have been friends for probably 25 years, so it was so special to get to spend time with them and Johnna's baby girl, Gia.

After breakfast we got ready for some beach time!  Aunt Alye was definitely the cutest one...and that cute baby doesn't hurt the ensemble. ;)

How gorgeous is Gia?!  She looks just like her momma.  This was her first time on the beach! 

Aunt Alye and Tucker spent a lot of time "hanging ten."  Tucker got a cool boogie board, so he wanted to surf!

Tucker also go a sword (because we don't already have 1,000 at home).  It's okay, though because he absolutely loved it.  He actually lost it, so Daddy went and bought Tucker a new one...and himself one so they could sword fight.

I am so glad that we got a picture of all of us.  I really wanted to go down to the beach and take some, but I am happy with this.

I love this picture...Tucker thinks it's so funny to "get Paw."

Still "surfing," this time in the pool.

It is hard work to take a baby to the beach!  I am soooo thankful Alye, Mom, and Dane were there to help so that I could enjoy beach time with Tucker!  Thank y'all so much!

Sunday night, after dinner at the Hangout, we went to ride go-carts.  Last year I didn't get to ride because I was pregnant with Talon, so I was excited to ride with Tucker this year!  I let him pick out the cart...

And then we rode around the track screaming and laughing, it was so much fun.  The best part: every time we would go around Tucker would say, "I can't beleeb I'm dribin a car!!"  Precious moment.

He rode with Daddy next....

And then Aunt Alye.  He got progressively more tired with each ride, but he LOVED it.

Talon loved the mirrors behind the couch so he could watch that cute baby and laugh at him ;).  When Olin pulled out the iPad and turned on the video he REALLY loved that!

One day it was a little cloudy, and we could see that a storm was brewing out in the ocean, but we went down to the beach anyway.  Alye and Olin came with us and Mom and Dane stayed up with Talon.  We  stayed and built a sand alligator and enjoyed the cooler air that the clouds brought.  As soon as the lightening started we headed inside.  Tucker, Cameron, and I decided to take the opportunity to go eat some lunch at the new Tacky Jack's on the canal and then stopped by the Hangout so Tucker could play on the bungee jumper.

We were really proud that he was brave enough to try it!  He had a blast!

This was such a fun beach trip!  Extra special for me to be with so much of my family and get to share my babies with them!  REALLY looking forward to doing it with the other side of my family next month!  We are SO blessed.  And I know that phrase is so over used.  But I literally could fall to my knees each day and thank the Lord for the way he has blessed me and my family.  In ways that I never even knew I needed or wanted to be blessed.  Not with money, not with things, but with people and family and memories that mean so much more to me than any of that could!