Saturday, October 30, 2010

No longer my baby

These pictures were taken the other night when Tucker decided to set the timer on the camera and take pictures of himself.  Not sure where he gets this?! (I can't tell you how many pictures I have that I took of myself growing up... embarrassing to say, but it's true)  But two things to point out about this picture: 
1) He looks SO grown up and it freaks me out.  He will be four in a little over a month and that is a little boy, not a toddler.  I don't like it!  So glad I'm having another baby soon since my first one is growing up! 
2) Notice the wet spots on his shirt.  He has started chewing on his shirts.  Where did this come from?!  It is driving me CRAZY!

I put gel in his hair, isn't it cute?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Missing them :(

I am in Lafayette, LA in orientation for my new job and I am missing my boys!  This will be the longest I have ever been away from them, but so far it's going okay.  I was really sad to leave them Sunday, but I have gotten to talk to Tucker a couple times which makes it easier.  Cameron called me last night when he was putting him to bed and I asked Tucker if he wanted me to say his prayers with him.  "No, Momma, I want you to sing 'Honkey Tonk.'"  :)  But instead I sang Jesus Loves Me, which is our bedtime routine.  I will get home Thursday night and then Cameron leaves Saturday morning for a hunting trip, so we will get to see each other for about 24 hours until the next Sunday!  No fun!  But Cameron is SO excited about his trip, so I am excited for him.  And when he gets home it is time to get the nursery ready for new baby!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tough Day for Momma, Great Day for Tucker

Monday was my first day back at work and Tucker's first full day at his new school.  He was a little uneasy about going, but he didn't cry... I did enough crying for both of us, I think.  I'm so thankful that I had 3 months with him this summer.  The only problem is that now I know what I'm missing!  It makes me so sad to think that our fun days are over.  When I'm off in a few months for maternity leave it won't just be the two of us any more!  But, I know that this is something I have to do and it will be good for him to go to school and make friends and learn.  It's a never-ending battle for mommas, I guess: to work, or not to work?

He has done so well, though.  When I picked him up they said, "He is just so sweet."  Hearing that makes it a lot easier!  The fire truck came to school, so he was really excited about that.  And today he learned that when his "pants are on fire," he rolls on the floor.  Hilarious!  The week is going really well so far, hope it stays that way.  

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Fair

We ventured out to the Fair last Wednesday night.  Tucker remembered the Fair last year, and has pretty much asked to go back at least once a week since last October.  So when I heard the fair was in town I figured we better go back.  Honestly, his favorite part is always the farm animals.  

We loved this "puffy white" chicken
But the goats were Tucker's absolute favorite animal.  They were pretty cute.
After the animals we walked over to the rides.  Tucker is rather, shall we say, apprehensive, about heights, fast things, basically anything that he doesn't have control of.  So needless to say, when I had to take him off the kiddy whale ride because he was kicking and screaming after I had just spent $35...I was a little ticked.  Thank the good Lord above, we found our boy cousins.  So that took away some of the fear, because most anything they will do, he will at least try.  You know, to be "cool."

They look so sweet, don't they?!
So, he rode the "Santa ride" with Brett and Britton, which he loved and is still talking about.  It was actually the Himalaya, which was kind of a mini roller coaster that went pretty quick.  And then all the boys rode the kiddy boats and the spinning around things.  Which he got REALLY dizzy on and mad because the big boys wouldn't stop spinning.  I just knew someone was going to puke.  At which point the fun would be OVER.

After the spinning ride, Cameron went down the big slide with him and then they rode one more fast ride that Tucker was not a fan of.  Neither was I by the way... I couldn't wait for it to be over because I just knew a screw was gonna come loose and they were just gonna go flying through the air.  Stressed. Me. Out.

So, hate to say it, but kind of glad we have another year before the Fair comes back to town!  I love seeing my child have so much fun, but the germs and the weirdos are just a little overwhelming for me.  I'm so getting old.

It's a Love Story...

These two are in love with each other.  We used to think that Tucker just drove Pepper crazy, but after watching them the other day I can confirm that Pepper loves Tucker as much as Tucker loves Pepper.  Tucker goes outside by himself a lot and hangs out on the porch with the dogs.  Mally does not lay down...ever, but Pepper is pretty lazy.  The other day I heard Tucker just dying out laughing and looked outside to find him sitting on the swing and Pepper "pushing him" with his nose.  So cute.