Monday, January 30, 2012

Jenn is Thin and Thirty!! :)

One of my favoritest friends turned 30 in December.  Jennifer and I have been friends since we were seniors in high school and then we lived together for two years in college.  I LOVE her and her family (especially Coop ;)) and it has been so amazing to share all of the wonderful milestones in our lives (21st birthdays, graduations, weddings, babies, and now 30th birthdays! After some deliberation with Wes and Jenn, Lauren and I planned a little dinner party at Jenn's favorite Mexican restaurant. Afterwards Jenn's sweet mom got us rooms at Ross Bridge, so we hung out there for a little while longer and met up for breakfast the next morning. I had such a wonderful time, I hope Jenn did, too! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Program 2011

Tucker did such a good job in his Christmas program again this year, we were very proud of him!  
Pappaw came, and so did LeLe and Paw and Grandaddy and MiMi (of course I didn't get a picture of everybody).

The first part of the program the four year old class rang the bells...

Tucker was very serious about his blue bell and ringing it when he was supposed to.

Then they performed a manger scene.  Tucker was a shepherd and so were his two buddies, Joe and Dylan.

They were so cute!  We will miss Chapel Hill when Tucker starts "big school" next year.

FIVE. Years. Old.

Tucker turned five December 7. I feel like five is such a big age, I guess because I remember a lot about my fifth year. This year Tucker wanted a spy party. And you know what? There is no birthday kit for spy parties...not the easiest theme, but nothing is easy with Tucker, so why should birthday parties be any different? We had the party at the farm and we had a scavenger hunt/hayride which was fun!

Luckily, I found some really cute "spy" cupcake toppers...

We had some fun party food and drinks, like "Double Agent Stuffed Oreos" and "Truth Serum." 

The scavenger hunt hayride was lots of fun, at least I thought so!

With Karsyn and Morrisa...So proud of his legos he wouldn't even look at the camera!

LOVES dress-up.
 A couple days after his birthday party we went to Pappaw's house to get one last birthday present.
Tucker was so excited to get a "real" four wheeler!  

I know everybody feels like their children are special, and we're no different...we think Tucker is so special and wonderful. Of course, he is not perfect...much like his mother he does not know how to shut his mouth when he needs to. He loves his baby brother, this took a little bit of time, but he loves him now. Tucker loves super heroes, guns, swords, and his four wheeler. He calls the remote "remoke," he says about instead of without (he says lots of other funny things, but of course I can't remember any right now!).  He told us the other night that he wants a game for the iPad where he is a "paleontologist," so he can learn about dinosaurs (didn't know he knew that big word!).  His favorite person is his Pappaw.  His favorite food is chicken nuggets from Chik fil a.  His favorite color right now is blue.  He likes anything on Cartoon "Neck-work."   Tucker loves animals, especially dogs.  It makes me so sad that he is growing up so fast, when I think of all the things that he is "getting too old for" it brings tears to my eyes.  But, I look forward to watching him grow up and seeing the person that he will become, too!