Thursday, May 26, 2011

Batman the Brave

We recently acquired a kitten from our sweet friends Stephanie and Lance.  Neither Cameron nor I have ever had a cat, so this has been quite an interesting experience thus far.  We wanted to get a cat because we have a mole problem.  Moles as in the kind that destroy your yard and lead you to have to re-sod 3 times in 3 years.  We have tried poison and solar powered noise makers and still have moles.  So anyway, we are hoping the kitty will become a ravenous hunter and capture and kill all of the varmints in and around our yard.  Of course when we asked Tucker what he would like to name the kitten he immediately answered, what else, "Batman."  And I have to say, he has lived up to his name.  Our labs are much more scared of him than he is of them!  

This little boy would have a million animals if we would let him.

Thankfully Batman has been around kids his whole life so he has no problem being picked up by his neck and thrown down.  Tucker absolutely loves him, so whether or not he kills a mole, I say he's worth it. ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 Months

Talon seems to have grown a lot in the last month.  He is definitely getting to be a lot more fun for Tucker to play with.  He babbles all the time and plays with his foot (left foot only for some reason).  Still waking up twice a night and eating between 5-7 ounces every 4 hours.

Is it just me or does he get prettier every month? ;)  

CHOM with Addy

Last Friday we met Lauren and Addy at the Children's Hands on Museum (CHOM).  There are so many fun things to do at CHOM, no matter what age your child is.  I think Tucker and Addy had a great time and so did Lauren and I, but we missed Jenn and Coop!  
Playing with the "magic balls." Love those tippy toes :)

WAY too cool to play with the tea set, Mom!
I love this picture of Addy trying to find the cute! 
Playing with the dinosaur puppet...ROAR!
Even though this is blurry it is my favorite...Addy loved the hospital where she could feed the babies. :)
We are hoping to have lots of Friday FunDays this summer!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Every mom knows that when your children are driving you nuts the best thing to do is... go outside.  Luckily the weather has been nice enough lately to do that, of course in the deep south it won't be nice for long, so we enjoy it while we can!

Tucker has decided that he really does love his brother... most of the time.

Watching Brother run around the sprinkler... not through.

This lasted for all of 5 minutes.

Playing with some photo editing...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Part III: The Photoshoot

I mean, I totally love this pose.  Cracks me up.  Ring Pop and all. 
Love this picture so much. 

This makes me so mad because Cameron's parents NEVER want to take pictures and the one time they do NEITHER child cooperates!  Ugh!

Part III: Lunch with Pappaw

After church we went to the Tin Top to meet Dad and Alye for lunch.  Lunch was great- the food, yes, but mostly the company!

:) Love to see how much the 3 of us look alike :)

Easter Part II: The Hunt

Just so you know I have pictures of the baskets, but I am not posting them because Tucker got so much more stuff than Talon and Alye and Cameron made me feel bad about it the night before ;).  Tucker got way too much, from now on my rule is it has to fit in the basket.  It seriously looked like Christmas morning.
Checking out the favorite part about this picture is Alye in the background. 
Cameron's smile is weird in this picture...but look how much Talon is loving his first Easter!

Tucker refused to carry his basket.

The Easter Bunny hid like 40 eggs.  A little much if you ask me, but I'm not the Easter Bunny.

This basket was mine, so it's special, but I think I'm going to get them new ones for next year.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Part I: The Eggs

Super Bunny and Super Egg hard at work

LOTS of different colors to choose from ;)

Such a fun time, brings back lots of memories!

I don't know how any of these eggs survived!

Such a sweet "LiLee"

April 27, 2011

This will be a day that we will never forget.  And so will the next day.  The day after the storm I went down to "ground zero" to help salvage whatever possible in what is left of the building that housed Patton Realty.  I had to park in the employee parking lot at DCH and walk down to McFarland Blvd.  It took a little sneaking to get through, but I really don't know that any one could have stopped me.  I, like many other people, needed to be there.  I needed to help, I needed to see the damage with my own two eyes, and I did.  And what I saw will be burned in my memory forever.  I am so thankful that none of the people I love were hurt in the storm, but my heart literally breaks for those that were.  Mommas and Daddies and babies, gone.  Right now it feels like we'll never move on from here, but I know God has a plan in all this.  I already experienced part of that plan in the days following the storm.  The number of people doing whatever they could to help in any way possible is absolutely amazing.  I don't know how to explain the feeling of being in Wal-Mart surrounded by people that have buggies full of supplies, discussing all the things these people are going to need and asking each other the best ways to help.   To go to church the next day and see the gym packed full of relief supplies and people to sort and distribute those supllies, is a wonderful thing to be a part of.  God is good all the time.