Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Night at the Farm "Camping Out"

For almost a year now Cameron and his dad have been working on renovating the camp house at the Tidmores' farm.  We are so glad that it is finally nearing completion... at least close enough for us to spend the night!  Cameron, Tucker, and Talon have already spent then night there once, but this was my first time.  Tucker was SO excited.  His favorite part: building a fire.  And throwing every thing in sight on the fire.

Haha...such a big boy :)

Tucker came in and informed Cameron that he went looking for deer tracks and didn't find any, but he did find some acorns (which deer apparently love)... he is learning fast!

Karsyn and Morrisa came out and roasted marshmallows with us, I don't know why I didn't get any pictures of them!  We had such a fun night, we were all exhausted.  Tucker had so much fun he slept until almost 9:00 the next morning!

Talon, of course, didn't sleep so late, but he had lots of fun, too, can't you tell?!