Sunday, August 25, 2013

School Days

First of all, I think that children grow and mature more between the time they start Kindergarten and start First Grade than any time in their life!  

Second of all, don't let the smiles in the "First Day of 1st Grade" pictures fool you.  He had a meltdown once we got the the school.  He did not want me to leave him there, which, of course, led to me having a near meltdown as well.  But, his sweet teacher, Ms. White, took him to see his kindergarten teacher and after a hug from her, he was better and had a great day!

I know it gets so nauseating to hear every mom talk about not wanting their child to grow up so fast.  And while I am excited about all the fun things to come, it does make me so sad to think of him losing his innocence.  Right now he thinks it's still cool to be a super hero or to kiss me before he walks in to class.  But the signs of "growing up" are there: he wants his hair brushed a certain way so you can't see the freckle on his forehead.  And he needs his shirt to be a certain length and in some cases a certain brand to be "cool."  

And if you're wondering why Talon isn't in the first day of school pictures it's because he was too busy battling a stomach bug that had us up all night!  Fun times.

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