Monday, April 15, 2013

Christmas Night

After opening gifts at our house we had Christmas lunch with the Tidmore's at the Taft's house.  For some reason (probably because it's chaos with 9 kids) I never take any pictures.  So, here we are later in the afternoon at LeLe and Paw's.
LeLe does stockings for everybody: grown ups and kids, and it's so much fun!  Tucker loved his big kid Batman movie.  He laid down to open his stocking, we are usually pretty tired by the time we get to LeLe's!
Alye with all of her stocking loot. :)

Talon loving on "Ho Ho."

And what Christmas would be complete without LeLe crying over a Christmas gift?!  This year Alye and I got her a necklace with charms for our initials and the boys' initials.

We then ate, again.  It was wonderful, as always!  
Another magical Christmas!  So thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ and a special family to celebrate it with!

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