Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well, the tooth that we thought might never fall out finally did (it's been loose for about 2 months)!  It's been loose for so long that the permanent tooth is already halfway in.  We were driving home from Target Sunday and Tucker said, "Momma, my tooth is going to fall out tonight."  And then a couple minutes later he said, "Momma, it fell out!"  So we pulled over and took pictures and called Aunt Alye and Daddy.
It was easy to get Tucker to go to bed because he could not wait for the tooth fairy to come!
He was so afraid that the tooth might fall and the tooth fairy might not be able to find it.

But she did find it and brought him $5.00!  He could not wait to spend it, so we went to Dollar General after school and he got a ninja set.  Because little boys cannot have enough ninja sets. (insert eye roll)
He grows up more and more every day.  Makes me sad, but excited at the same time.  

Oh the fun of Fall...

We have been a busy little family the past few weeks!  I feel like Halloween lasts for a month.  Which is fine by Tucker because he thinks dressing up and "batending" to be someone else is fantastic (and I guess it kinda is).
We carved a pumpkin this year, we are such terrible parents, I can't remember the last time we actually carved one.  This year we tried a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Before Daddy got home, we I cleaned the seeds out.  My children (who are boys, in case you forgot) would NOT touch the inside of the pumpkin.  Talon did try to eat some off his spoon, but wouldn't touch it.

Tucker tried, but couldn't do it.  you can see Talon laughing in the background.  He thought it was hilarious when Tucker said, "EWW!"

When Daddy got home he got to work carving the mask and mouth for the TMNT.

He turned out pretty cute!  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We had to put together an "About Me" board for Tucker again this year.  We included mostly pictures of things Tucker likes to do (ride his four wheeler and the go-cart at the farm, go hunting with his Daddy, etc) and places he likes to go (the beach, look for alligators in South Louisiana, etc).  Tucker "helped" by painting the letters for his name at the top of the board.

We also included a few of his favorite things...Restaurant: Wings; Colors: red, white and blue; Foods: pizza and Chick fil a chicken; Favorite Thing in Mrs. Malone's Class: coloring and painting; Favorite thing about school: recess and math stations; Favorite Teams: Broncos (?) and Alabama; Favorite Toy Right Now: Legos.

Tucker has adjusted well to Kindergarten.  The first couple of weeks he had some behavior issues (talking when he shouldn't be), but since then he has learned that he must be on his best behavior and listen at all times.  Mrs. Malone says that he is doing much better now.  He went to karate class yesterday after school (they come to the school and do a class for Kindergartners).  He liked it, except for having to take off his shoes and socks and staying late after school.  I think he will probably continue the class because he is quite sure that karate will teach him to be a ninja.