Friday, September 28, 2012

That Place With All the Fun Stuff To Do

After school a few Fridays ago, I took Tucker and Talon to CHOM.  Tucker begged for weeks to go to "That fun place, what's it called, with the dress up stuff and all the fun stuff to do?," so I finally took them and they both loved it.
Here they are driving the tug boat.  Not one of Talon's favorites because it's loud.  But this is probably Tucker's favorite thing at CHOM.

Talon catching eggs in the barnyard area.  He loved the tractor...

and the slide.  This boy LOVES a slide.  They can't get him off the slide at church.

But his VERY favorite thing at CHOM...the truck.  He loved driving the truck.  And when I made him get off the truck, he screamed.  When another little boy got on and started driving, he looked at him like he had stolen his very last piece of candy.

Tucker loved the farmers' market.  We pretended like I was shopping.  He would tell me something to make and I would pick out all the things I would need to make it.

Whew...I don't know if I could handle this many Tuckers!

He gave the monkey in the hospital some food.  He was concerned about the monkey.

Tucker played soccer on the Wii, but I didn't get a picture of that.  It was fun.  We had a great time like always at CHOM!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I have been so bad about keeping up with what is going on with Talon as he grows.
So, here is an update:

Talon still doesn't talk much. He says "see," when we pass cows or horses (he LOVES animals). He says "duck" for Tucker. And one day he walked in the kitchen repeating "na na na na na na" until I handed him a banana...but haven't heard it since! He used to say Momma some, but not lately. He says "dye" and waves for bye. He says screams, "daaa" when he sees his daddy, whom he adores. He says tweet tweet for Mom when she asks what the birdie says. Mostly there is a lot of whining and pointing to get what he wants. He will grab my pants and pull me to whatever he wants, also. :)

Talon Tidmore LOVES to dance. It is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. He has bounced up and down when he hears music for months, but now he has added arms and legs. Seriously, precious. He loves to clap in the car and throw his head back and forth. He's kind of serious a lot of the time, so this is one of my favorite things about him. :)

Talon will eat pretty much anything, which thrills me to death. Sometimes he gets tired of eating the same thing or he is independent and wants it a certain way, but for the most part, he will eat anything. Some of the things he likes are: guacamole (dips chips in it and just licks the guac off), broccoli, bananas, Greek yogurt, weenies, oatmeal, grits, ham

Talon likes to play with trucks and cars. He also loves tractors and animals. He does not watch TV (unfortunately).  He dressed up for the first a few weeks ago and was SO excited about it!  Tucker was so excited, too...he finally has somebody to dress up with!

Talon loves school. He has not cried at all since the year started and when I pick him up, he doesn't even stop playing when he sees me, I have to pick him up and carry him out. I'm so glad he loves it.  He is adamant most days that he carry out his backpack himself.

Talon does not take good naps like he used to (I am praying this is just a phase). He does still sleep well at night and most of the time sleeps 7-7.

He has a thing with running water.  He still doesn't love the bath tub, but when it rained at the farm and water ran off the roof, he thought it was the best thing ever!  He loves fountains and the water coming out of the faucet.

His new favorite thing to do is ride Cameron's new golf cart. He gets so excited and squeals when he rides.

Talon got to eat an ice cream cone all by himself recently and he thought that was pretty wonderful!

Talon gives open mouth kisses that are the best ever. He likes to kiss his bears that he sleeps with. He also has a pillow from our living room that he likes to carry around the house and lay on. He'll get his passy and bear and lay down in the middle of the kitchen floor on his pillow.

Talon can be such a sweet boy.  I was kind of afraid he would forget his Pappaw and be kind of stand-offish when he saw him, but every time he sees Pappaw he lays his head on his shoulder like he has missed him so much!  He really loves all of his grandparents, which is wonderful.  Talon is a loving little boy, but he doesn't like to love on Tucker much, which breaks Tucker's heart.

Talon is fun to be around as long as he is not sleepy or hungry.  I cannot leave the house without snacks, and his nap is not as flexible as Tucker's is a MUST!

We are so thankful for this beautiful, challenging little boy!  Some days are crazy around here, but when I finally lay my head down at night, I praise God for my healthy children and remind myself that these days will be gone so quickly and I will miss this time in my life.  We love you, Talon!