Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pappaw and the River

I cannot tell you how much Tucker loves going to the river.  If you so much as mention the river, he starts talking about Pappaw and the "pore wheeler, trak-or, ribbers, fwimming....etc" and that is all you will hear about until you pull in the driveway!  He loves it and he loves his do I.  It makes me cry to think about how wonderful my dad is to me and my child.  I am so thankful for him and I am so thankful that my children will have the opportunity to know him and learn from him.  We had SUCH a fun day last Saturday.  I am looking forward to lots more this summer!
I bought a sprinkler last's one of those cute ones that looks like a caterpillar and the water comes out of all his long cute!  Tucker hates it.  And every time I get so excited thinking he's just going to love it and we'll have so much fun playing in the sprinkler...but every time he HATES it...and every time I'm devastated.  Anyway, Dad drove him through it on the four-wheeler (while wearing his life jacket which he wouldn't take off), and then we thought he'd drive his tractor right through it as well...didn't happen.  After playing in the sun we cooked some crawfish...what a great day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My favorite holiday...

Tucker showing off his eggs...with that cheese smile. It was so funny, the first time we put an egg in the dye and he saw it changing colors he freaked out...he loved it!

So, I totally love Easter. It is like a mini-Christmas: still a celebration of Jesus Christ, still presents, still good food, still family time...only less STRESS! Not to mention all of my favorite colors, blooming flowers, and beautiful weather! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but there is just so much going on and we have Thanksgiving and then Tucker's birthday and other birthdays and it just stresses me out!! SO- I love Easter! 

And I love getting together Tucker's Easter basket's a picture of what he got.

...Lot's of candy, big-boy underwear (Cars of course), Cars sippy cups, big boy pillow, baseball bat and ball, coloring book, etc...etc. 

It was a fun day and we actually took the time to take a family picture...which we never do!

And then I tried to take a few of Tucker, which by the way is pretty much impossible...he'd rather play in the dirt in white pants!  But he is such a pretty little boy...if I do say so myself!
All the joy of Easter made me sit back and remind myself that Christmas doesn't have to be so stressful and I should really try to think ahead this year and not let myself get so stressed out. I want to take the time to enjoy these Christmases while Tucker is little and not look back one day an remember how chaotic it was. I'll try harder this year...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tucker's "Tent"

This is Tucker's first "tent." After being in the house all day a couple Sundays ago, Cameron built this tent for Tucker. (He gets really restless when Cameron and I try to have a lazy Sunday). He absolutely LOVED it!

He took Elmo in with him. Of course, in normal Tucker fashion, he couldn't stay under there by himself, but it definitely captivated him for a little while! It was really cute. Cameron is such a sweet daddy. :)