Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cupcakes and Costumes

Since we can't all get together on Halloween, we decided to get together early so we could see each other's kids all dressed up and get pictures.  But before pictures we decorated (and ate) cupcakes.  The kids did a really good job, I was impressed!
Haha...this picture of Cooper is one of my favorites...

Here are the Moms' masterpieces...

After cupcakes everybody put on their costume and we headed outside for pictures.  I seriously think these kids are so cute they could be in a magazine (I'm a little biased, of course).

I love how these sweet girls are looking at Talon, they love having a "real life" baby to play with!

My other favorite picture...fairy legs...
We had so much fun!  I hope to make it a Halloween tradition!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Addy is TWO!

First of all let me say that I am in love with my friends' children.  I love them like I do my own.  And luckily two of my very best friends have girls... which makes it even more fun!  A couple of weeks ago Addy had her adorable Minnie Mouse Adventure at the Barnyard and we had lots of fun!

Umm, is this the cutest outfit ever?!

:) Happy to see each other!

Addy is not so sure about the boat ride thing...

Luckily, Mr. Wes let Tucker go with him and Cooper on the boat.

Then they fed the fish...

and fed the animals.

I love this picture, apparently something much more interesting is going on!


Here are Tucker and Cooper holding baby chickens.  Tucker is usually gentle with the animals, but this time he almost squeezed the bird to death.

A little sweeter to the duck.

Feeding the baby goats a bottle...

And then it was time to ride the pony!

The party was so friends' parties always make me feel so inadequate!

Of course Lauren made these adorable Minnie and Mickey ears, so cute!

Addy knew exactly how to blow out the candles!

She was so proud!
We are excited to spend some more time with Cooper and Addy soon...I will post pictures of our Halloween fun. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

9 Months

Sweet Baby Talon is nine months old.  His little personality is coming out and he has learned some new "tricks." He can now pull up and he makes a funny grunting noise all the time.  We lowered his bed (sniff) because he tried to jump out a couple times.  One night Tucker yelled for me, so I went running in to my bathroom to find Talon with the Comet that he shook all over him self and the bathroom floor (I know, bad momma).  His favorite toy is the door stoppers that are on the wall, he has broken two already.  Sweet Baby Talon is becoming a wild man, but we all LOVE him and his personality.
He loves to take a bath with Tucker.  But he does not like to play with baby toys... big boy super heros and cars only.

This is before church last Sunday.  I thought he looked so cute in this color.

Today he pulled up on the window to look outside... he loves to look for the dogs or the cat!

Clapping... he also kind of waves "bye bye."